Horse Power

  • Scrap Metal and Paint
  • Dimensions: H 84” x W 132” X D 48”
  • Sculpture is freestanding.
  • Availability: Yes
  • Suitable for outdoors and indoors

My scrap metal sculpture, “Horse Power,” is a commentary on the transition from a pre-industrial age to the industrialization we see today. The materials I used, including car exhaust parts, used silverware, saw blades, and scrap metal from a burnt automobile warehouse were chosen for their industrial and mechanical connotations. The horse, a symbol of natural power and strength, is depicted in motion, symbolizing the desire for mechanical power and the ways in which we seek to harness it.

This piece is not just about the glorification of industry and progress. The use of burnt and discarded materials also speaks to the cost of our craving for mechanical power. The destruction of the automobile warehouse and the discarded metal pieces are a metaphor for the destruction of our natural environment in the pursuit of progress. “Horse Power” invites the viewer to consider the balance between our desire for advancement and the impact it has on the world around us. Overall, the sculpture is meant to be a thought-provoking reflection on the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world.

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