• Scrap Turkish military wares/ammunitions and Paint
  • Dimensions: H 20ft x W 7ft X L 14ft
  • ¬†Sculpture is freestanding.
  • Availability: No

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the natural world and the ways in which humans interact with and impact it. My scrap metal sculpture of a gazelle portrait is a reflection of these themes, as it portrays the vulnerability and fragility of these majestic creatures. Made from used Turkish military wares and ammunition, the larger-than-life size gazelle represents the man-made phenomena that threaten their survival. Gazelles are facing extinction in Turkey and many parts of Africa due to the negative impacts of human activities on the environment.

¬†Through this sculpture, I aim to highlight the importance of protecting and preserving our planet’s biodiversity. I hope that by showcasing the beauty and grace of the gazelle, I can inspire others to take action to preserve these animals and the ecosystems they inhabit. This sculpture is permanently displayed at the facade of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Building in Ankara, Turkey.

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