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An Artist

My art reflects this passion for nature and the environment, as I often draw upon my experiences with the natural world to create pieces that capture its beauty and complexity.

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature, particularly the relationships that exist within it. This fascination first developed during my childhood in rural Nigeria, where I spent much of my time interacting with the natural world and observing its various inhabitants.

Throughout my career, I have explored a variety of media and techniques in order to express my artistic vision. I have worked with a range of materials, including synthetic animal hide, large animal-themed murals, soil and plant extracts, and most recently, scrap metal. 

My Works

Upcoming Exhibitions

Check out some of my sculptures in person at upcoming shows.

South River Art Studios is pleased to present Echoes from Beneath: A solo exhibition of Sculptures, Paintings, and Installations by Jonathan Imafidor.


By using scrap metal to create animal forms,
I hope to encourage a sense of responsibility and a desire to
work towards a more sustainable future.

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